How did Phoenicia Food Hall start?

We started Phoenicia Mediterranean Food Hall in April, 2003. Over the years, we have progressed in such a way that enable us to be unique with lots of customers who appreciate our fine fruits, vegetables, delicatessen and condiment selection.


We have sold lots of mouth-watering handmade cakes to the customer’s satisfaction. This is a family run business. Now, you may be wondering who the Phoenicians are? Well, from 1200 to 800 B.C. the Semitic-speaking Phoenicians lived and prospered on the Mediterranean coast north of Palestine. Their chief cities were Tyre and Sidon. They gained fame as sailors and traders. They occupied a string of cities along the Mediterranean coast, in what is today Lebanon and Syria. More than 2,500 years ago Phoenician mariners sailed to Mediterranean and south western European ports.


The Phoenicians were the great merchants of ancient times. They sold rich treasures from many lands. This fabulous country (present day Lebanon) with its beautiful mountain views (you would have the time of your life exploring the beaches!)


My family and I decided that we should make this food hall because we love good food and thought that if we put our thoughts about food together, we would have a unique business. Now in the future, we could all see the progress that our food hall has made. Us having a four out of five star food hall is such a great privilege. We hope that this year we get five out of five stars.

Ghassan - Phoenicia Food Hall
Ghassan - Founder of Phoenicia Food Hall
Ancient Phoenician Trading Routes
Phoenician Wall Carvings