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Origins of Baklava and where to buy authentic Baklava in the UK

Few things can top the mouthwatering treat of a Baklava snack, layers of crispy syrup glazed filo pastry sandwiching a rich selection of nuts: cashews, ground pistachios and walnuts. Baklava is eaten across the Middle East and some parts of the Balkans.

Believed to have been made in the Ottoman Empire in the 17th Century, Baklava has now become a regional favourite for special occasions in the regions it was once served in. On Islamic festivities such as Eid, weddings and family gatherings, Baklava is sure to melt hearts of anyone that tries it.

Types of Baklava?

Baklava and its cousins are all very different in their looks, tastes and shapes. Sometimes found in logs filled with pistachios, parcels unwrapping their nutty goodness, and in ‘cake-like’ squares, there are many different shapes and sizes and some swear by their favourites, but there is an option for anyone who wishes to try it. But, whatever you do, make sure you get yourself a platter! Baklava in the Middle East is not really sold by itself, but as a selection, which can be wrapped to be gifted to friends and family, or eaten by yourself (what a treat!)

Where to buy Baklava in the UK?

Baklava has many different recipes across the region, each accustoming their unique tastes to the palettes of the region, some baklavas are completely vegan-based, or different shapes depending on where you purchase from.

There are many different kinds of Baklavas to choose from, we ourselves at Phoenicia Food Hall have prepared authentic, fresh and vegan baklava varieties, straight from the heart of London. to buy. Other Middle Eastern food halls serve freshly prepared Baklava with different varieties of flavours and shapes at a variety of prices, or you can alternatively make fresh baklava at home with this delicious baklava recipe.

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